Project Management

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The Project Management Consultancy has a wide variety of roles to play from the preconstruction-design stage, construction, and post-construction. Because of this consultancy plays a multifaceted part in the construction project, and is usually involved in the project from the project’s inception to its completion.

Due to the rapid expansion in the construction industry, the services provided by the Consultancy need to be improved in terms of performance and quality of work to meet the construction project goals and objectives and also the clients satisfaction.

PMC provides availability of expertise from each field which increases the chances of the project being successful within the stipulated time without compromising on quality and within budget. PMC takes responsibility and acts as an extension to any clients/ organization and works for the entire project. Thus, the Client can reduce the extra cost incurred in maintaining the large resource pool for the in-house team on regular basis.

Project & Construction Management Support

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Project feasibility & Project Development Advisory

Scope Management-Scope Planning, Verification and Control

Coordination with all stakeholders from the stage of Architectural planning, space planning, standardization of specifications & estimations.

Time Management -Schedule Development & Schedule Monitoring

Project Integration -Project Plan Development, Execution ,Monitoring and Control

Cost Budgeting, cash flow & Cost Control